• Will Calvert

    Lighting Designer and Aspiring Architect


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  • Triple-O Tech Campus: Barcelona, Spain

    with Raika Mirziae

    Project Renders

    This conceptual project explores the aesthetic qualities of object oriented ontology, attempting to create an object made up of other objects so that both modes of viewing the form are occurring simultaneously. This campus has multiple programs both private and public, and the divisions inherent in the concept were used to divide up the floor plates for the various programmatic requirements (office space, restaurants, theater, etc.). 

    Project Drawings

  • Mixed-Use Tower: Mexico City, Mexico

    with Alison Su

    Project Renders

    This is a conceptual design for a mixed-use tower, residential, office, hotel, commercial, and it is nvestigating the distortion of orthogonal fields as they overlap and distort each other. The towers and bridges all have their own grid orientations, which become distorted and decay as they push together. The pixelation effect is symbolic of this aggressive interaction of the different sections, and also serves to show the connection between the interior grid systems and the facade's pattern.

    Project Drawings

    The floor plates do not have a uniform orientation, but rather the orientations rotate as the towers are pushed out of alignment by the bridges connecting with them. These connection points are where the different grid orientations meet and resolve, typically introducing an interior pixelation decay area that allows the otherwise rigidly separated programs of the towers to mix together.

  • Art Gallery Space: Los Angeles, CA

    A Conceptual Study in Perspectival Design

    Working under Coy Howard, this was an investigation in developing new techniques for design from the inside the building, rather than maintaining an external or other perspective during creation. While fitting within the program requirements for a small gallery space (four large open galleries, lobby, giftshop, etc.), the design was determined by the experience of the space beyond just the literal shape, but including the material and light qualities of the building.

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